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Apsana Begum MP commenting on the unfolding RAAC scandal.


Commenting on the unfolding scandal regarding reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (RAAC), Apsana Begum, MP for Poplar and Limehouse, said:

“Concerns regarding RAAC have been raised by many for some time – as have there been warnings regarding the Tories’ failure to invest in school buildings and infrastructure.

“Yet, just a few days before the start of term, schools, including in my constituency, are finding out that some or all of their buildings are unsafe and cannot be used.

“Obviously, this is a very worrying time for pupils, families, and staff. I have been in contact with the Department for Education (DFE) and local schools trying to help mitigate the disruption and anxiety.

“Leaving the announcement until the end of the summer holidays, has left schools and councils with very little time to make urgent rearrangements and minimise the chaos.

“It is simply unacceptable that pupils will be forced to resume their studies either online or in temporary facilities.

“Once again, the Tories are failing our communities.

“Whilst it is a relief that the latest U-turn today means that Government will cover the costs of emergency and temporary accommodation, there is still the urgent need for clarity as to what this will include.

“There needs to be proper plan to address this immediate issue with the urgency it requires, alongside addressing the wider issue of capital funding to ensure school buildings are fit for the future.

“And to be very clear, in no circumstance should costs should come out of existing school budgets.”