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5 post-delivery foods for new moms

The post-delivery period, often referred to as the postpartum phase, is a transformative time for new mothers. As their bodies recover from childbirth and adapt to the responsibilities of nurturing a newborn, proper nutrition plays a pivotal role in ensuring their physical and emotional well-being.

Post-delivery food is crucial for aiding tissue repair to replenish vital nutrients lost during childbirth. Nutrient-rich foods provide the necessary energy to combat fatigue, promote emotional stability, and support the demands of breastfeeding, if applicable. Moreover, a well-balanced diet during this phase can help new moms regain strength, maintain healthy body weight, and even enhance the quality of breast milk, contributing significantly to the long-term health and development of their newborns.

In this article, Dr. Hansaji Yogendra, the director of The Yoga Institute and President of the Indian Yoga Association, who has over 3.63 million followers on YouTube and conducted more than 1.5 lakh theoretical and practical yoga sessions shares with IANSlife the five fundamental post-delivery foods that are vital for new mothers.

These foods are carefully selected to address the unique nutritional needs of postpartum recovery, offering a comprehensive guide to help new moms navigate this important phase with confidence and optimal well-being.

Seed and Nut Laddoo:

These delectable round treats, known as laddoos, are a sweet indulgence that comes with immense health benefits. Specifically crafted to enhance milk production in breastfeeding mothers, these lactation laddoos are made with a blend of nutrient-rich ingredients. They commonly contain fenugreek seeds, garden cress seeds, fennel seeds, edible gum (gond), ghee, and dried fruits. Enjoying these laddoos not only satisfies your sweet tooth but also provides essential nutrients for postpartum recovery.


Khichdi, a comforting one-pot meal prepared from rice and lentils, is a beloved staple for new mothers. Its gentle, easy-to-digest nature makes it an ideal choice during the postpartum phase. You can infuse this dish with mild spices like cumin and asafoetida to add flavour while ensuring it remains gentle on the digestive system. Khichdi offers essential nutrients to support your recovery journey.

Fenugreek/Fennel Tea:

Renowned for their lactation-boosting properties, fenugreek and fennel seeds are a valuable addition to a new mother’s diet. Preparing a tea by simmering these seeds in water can aid in increasing breast milk production, providing both hydration and lactation support.

Dry Fruits and Nuts:

A delightful mix of dry fruits and nuts, including almonds, walnuts, cashews, and dates, serves as an ideal snack for new moms. Packed with energy, essential fats, and vital nutrients, these delectable bites contribute significantly to postpartum recovery, offering a delicious and nutritious way to refuel your body.

Ginger-Based Dishes:

Incorporating ginger into your post-delivery meals can work wonders for digestion and inflammation reduction. Whether you choose to infuse ginger into your lentil soups (dals) or add it to your vegetables for enhanced flavour and health benefits, this aromatic root can be a valuable addition to your postpartum diet, promoting overall wellness.

As a new mom, remember that your health and vitality are paramount, not only for your own well-being but also for the care and nurturing of your precious bundle of joy. Embrace these five post-delivery foods as an integral part of your motherhood journey and nourish your physical and mental well-being.