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Habiganj BNP leader seeks vote for Awami League

Union BNP President and Chairman Md Mir Mohammad Khorshed Alam sparked controversy by seeking votes for State Minister for Civil Aviation and Tourism Advocate Md Mahbub Ali during a political meeting of the ruling Awami League in Adair union of Madhabpur upazila in Habiganj.

A video of his speech went viral on social media, leading to mixed reactions among local BNP leaders and activists.

The incident has generated considerable discussion and criticism in the area, with many BNP members expressing their anger.

Witnesses reported that on September 19, Md Mahbub Ali, the Member of Parliament for Habiganj-4 (Madhabpur-Chunarughat) Constituency and the State Minister for Civil Aviation and Tourism, inaugurated a road in Adair union.

During this event, Mir Mohammad Khorshed Alam participated in the discussion and commended the development activities of the state minister. Towards the end of his speech, he urged everyone present to vote for State Minister Mahbub Ali in the upcoming election.

Responding to the situation, UP Chairman and BNP leader Mir Mohammad Khorshed Alam said: “The minister is visiting to inaugurate a road in the area. I was invited by the minister for this occasion, and I highlighted various developmental activities of the minister. During my speech, I wanted to maintain a peaceful atmosphere for the people in my union and not create any conflict. I can’t openly say in front of the minister not to vote for him. If the party expels me for this, there’s nothing more to be done.”

Madhabpur upazila BNP General Secretary Hamidur Rahman Hamdu criticized Khorshed Alam’s actions, likening them to acting as a broker, and called for disciplinary action against him.