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Everything will be clear in next few days: Mirza Fakhrul

BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir has described the situation prevailing in Bangladesh as ‘terrible’ saying that everything will be clear within the next few days whether the country will have independence and sovereignty, people will have their democratic rights and they will be able to elect their own representatives.

Speaking at a remembrance meeting organised in observance of the 7th anniversary of death of former BNP leader ASM Hannan Shah at the National Press Club on Wednesday, he cautioned that the entire nation might find its existence at stake if the situation prevailing in the country does not improve.
Mirza Fakhrul urged everyone to gear up their movement on the streets and engage the commoners to reach the ultimate goal.

“Our victory is inevitable if the people from all walks of life take to the streets against Sheikh Hasina-led authoritarian government,” he said.

The BNP Secretary General reiterated the party’s stance on refraining from any election under the Awami League government, saying that neither the people nor the political parties will participate in any elections under Sheikh Hasina.

“We have been on the streets for almost a year, lost 22 young leaders in police firing, seen many leaders and activists face lawsuits, and suffer imprisonment,” he said.

Bid to split BNP being politically bankrupt

The BNP Secretary General alleged that the ruling Awami League, being politically bankrupt, is now trying to split the BNP.

Referring to the joining of two former BNP leaders to Trinamool BNP, he observed that their (Awami League) political bankruptcy has reached such a level that they are now trying to split a party. When a party itself feels it is weak, it tries to split others. They want to create trouble through our expelled leaders. But, we want to make it clear that such attempts will not yield anything.”

He said people have already made up their mind for a free, fair, and inclusive election under a neutral government. “They don’t want anything alternative to it and will not accept anything beyond it.”

BNP cannot be suppressed

Mirza Fakhrul said as a political party, they are doing their part to reinstate the people’s rights.

“We have been on the streets for almost a year, lost 22 young leaders in police firing, seen many leaders and activists have been sued in false cases, and many of them suffer imprisonment. Still, they could not suppress us and will not be able to do so,” he added.

Referring to the BNP’s ongoing road marches, Mirza Fakhrul noted that people are participating in those road marches spontaneously and demanding the downfall of the downfall.

‘They turn Bangladesh into a regulated state’

Alleging that the ruling party has turned Bangladesh into a ‘dreadful’ state, Mirza Fakhrul mentioned about his recent interview with an international news medium. “I was talking to Al-Jazeera correspondent several days ago. He asked me which society it was. I can’t talk sitting in a restaurant, I can’t talk going to a wedding party or a festival?”

Fakhrul said: “Many of our intellectuals don’t go to television talk shows now-a-days. What are the reasons? They are intimidated that if they say anything else against the government, they will invite danger for them. Danger means that they hit very sensitive place. If their children read schools and colleges, they are picked up and threatened from clandestine locations. Unfortunately, we are living in such a state.”

Organised by Brigadier General (Retd) ASM Hannan Shah Smrity Sangsad, the remembrance meeting was also addressed by BNP vice-chairman Altaf Hossain Chowdhury, joint secretary general Khairul Kabir Khokon, Liberation War Affairs secretary Zainal Abedin, assistant organising secretary Benazir Ahmed, and late Hannan Shah’s son Shah Reazul Hannan, among others.

With Brigadier General (Retd) ASM Hannan Shah Smrity Sangsad president Fazlul Huque in the chair, the meeting was moderated by Kaliakoir Pourasava mayor Mojibur Rahman.