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Bangladesh sees 169-yr highest tea production

The country has the potential to produce a record amount of tea this year. Sufficient rainfall in the monsoon, tolerable temperature and the supervision of Bangladesh Tea Board have increased the production of tea to 59 lakh kg than last year. Not only that, it is expected to set a record production in the 169-year history of tea cultivation in the region.

The highest production in the history of tea production in the country was in 2021. More than 9.60 crore kg of tea was produced that year. This year, the target given by the tea board was 10.20 crore kg of tea, which the experts are looking at the “possibility of producing easily”.

After visiting several tea gardens in Moulvibazar, it was seen that there are around 93 tea gardens in the district. Every garden seems to have regained its vitality with the recent moderate rains and the bearable temperature of the sun. These tea gardens are full of young leaves. The women tea workers are busy picking more and more tea leaves as the season comes to an end.

On the other hand, due to the lack of rain for several consecutive months at the beginning of the tea production season this year, the tea gardens suffered from severe drought. However, the peak season of tea production comes in June, July, August, and September with continuous rainfalls at night and tolerable levels and Sun during the day. This brings back the favorable environment for tea production.

Those concerned said that for the yield production of tea, “at least 2000 mm of rainfall is required annually”. This year, 1,930 mm of rainfall was recorded from January to mid-September, resulting in the improvement of tea production.

Bangladesh Tea Board chairman Major General Mohammad Ashraful Islam said that 59 lakh kg of tea has been extra produced than the last year. If this trend continues for another month or two, there is a possibility of a “bumper crop” of tea this year.