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Tilda announces their limited-edition collaboration with Natasha Kumar for over 50 years.


A fusion of flavour, artistry, and heritage, Tilda announces their limited-edition collaboration

with Natasha Kumar for over 50 years, Tilda has been a renowned brand synonymous with

superior quality and long-standing heritage. Tilda has mastered the delicate art of perfecting

rice elevating every dining moment into a cherished memory. It is driven by a profound

passion for cultural exploration, an integral part of Tilda’s brand identity. This dedication

extends beyond the plate, as they reimagine not only the quality they offer, but also the very

essence of how these treasures is elegantly presented. This autumn, Tilda takes immense

pride in announcing the launch of their limited-edition 2kg tin in collaboration with British

Indian artist, Natasha Kumar. A celebration of food, culture and colours of the sub-continent,

Natasha’s design sets twirling dancers, vibrant drummers, and a fanfare of trumpeters

against a background of deep pinks, daring blues and elegant Mughal architecture. The

drummers symbolise the pulsating heart of Tilda and the design resonates with the rhythm of

everyday. As a brand renowned for excellence, it has always strived to bring more than just

culinary delights to the table. With a rich heritage that spans generations, Tilda embodies a

commitment to quality, authenticity, and the celebration of diverse cultures. As Natasha

Kumar beautifully puts it, "This collaboration with Tilda is one of taste, a blend of flavour and

art, aimed at making every grain of rice part of a shared cultural experience.’’ Natasha

Kumar’s own identity traces her lineage of art and culture. She comes from a family of fine

figurative painters on her English side and draws inspiration from the rich cultural heritage of

her Indian side. Collaboration with Tilda on this exclusive tin has only broadened that

celebration of family and cultural kinship which defines her work. Scheduled to make its

debut this October, the limited-edition tin will be available through selected retail stores

across the UK. Unveil the tin to immerse yourself in this cultural experience! On the launch

of this limited-edition tin, Anna Beheshti from Tilda said, ‘’This collaboration with Natasha

Kumar is a perfect blend of traditions and food. Here at Tilda, we believe that art, music, and

cultures are key anchors of the diverse cultures we have been celebrating in the UK for more

than 50 years, much like how rice has been the heart of innumerable dinner tables.

Moreover, this marks the initial step in the exciting journey of crafting a fusion of flavours and

art for Tilda. Watch this space for more.’’