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Fair global trade impossible without changing West’s status quo: Russian PM

The West is seeking after establishing control over the global economy but the majority of countries understand that qualitative development is impossible in such conditions, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said at the Made in Russia 2023 International Export Forum.

Fierce competition is underway in the world for the technology leadership and “for control over the global economy, in the first instance from the side of Western financial institutions,” the Prime Minister noted, AFP reports.
“The overwhelming majority of countries, and Russia is among them, understand that a more fair multi-polar international economy and the indeed inclusive development are impossible without changing the status quo, without creation of new alliances, including with participation of countries of the ‘Global South’,” Mishustin said.

Moscow needs to identify further area of foreign trade development in the current conditions and trends that can be used to make the progress as comfortable as possible and efficient for everyone, he noted.

“The trade can and must become one of tools to drive complex mechanisms of technology exchange, human contacts, intellectual and production interaction, the tool of building partnerships with friendly countries on the basis of joint projects and eventually – the new world architecture, reflecting the objective contribution of all its members,” Mishustin added.