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Few days remain to oust Sheikh Hasina-led govt from power: Fakhrul

BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir has said their party doesn’t want to go to power through ‘compromise.’

He said even there is not a single month in hands. Only a few days remain to oust the authoritarian Sheikh Hasina-led government from power. All would have to take to the street with courage.

Mirza Fakhrul made the remarks while speaking as the chief guest at a seminar organised by Sonali Dal of Bangladesh Agriculture University, Mymensingh at the Dhaka Reporters Unity on Friday afternoon.

Claiming that the government has turned the entire country into a ‘den of terror,’ he termed the Awami League as the ‘father of terrorism.’

Referring to the ruling Awami League general secretyary Obaidul Quader’s recent remarks, Fakhrul asserted that “the AL leaders have started terming BNP as a terrorist party. The prime minister also made such a remark on Thursday. If BNP is a terrorist party, what are you all? You are the fathers of terrorism.”

Mirza Fakhrul said the spiralling price of essential commodities appeared as suffocating for the people.

The BNP secretary general said the high prices of commodities was unprecedented. In all countries prices have risen to an extent, but in Bangladesh the rise in prices in unbelievable, unprecedented. There are many reasons behind this. The main reason is an unaccountable government.”

Mirza Fakhrul alleged, “Many projects are being implemented. The main objective of these projects is theft. Things that would cost Tk 1 crore, are done for Tk 3 crore. The thing which is Tk 10 crore, is carried out for Tk 20 crore.”

Mirza Fakhrul said, “Everyone (government officials) is involved in the projects in one way or the other. Being attached to a project means money. The way things stand now, the general people can’t buy eggs, can’t buy lentil, can’t buy spinach, but Tk 365 crore is being spent on cars for the UNOs and DCs as bribes during the election. They are being paid separately. It has been heard that the DCs and SPs and those who will conduct the election have already received money.”

The seminar was also addressed by the party’s standing committee member Abdul Moyeen Khan, vice chairman Abdul Awal, advisors to the chairperson Professor Tajmeri AS Islam, Abdus Salam and others.

The seminar was chaired by Professor Golam Hafiz, president of Sonali Dal of Bangladesh Agriculture University, Mymensingh. The event was conducted by the organisation’s general secretary Abul Kalam Azad.