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Seminar on ‘How to Live a medicine free life’ held

A seminar on “How to Live a medicine free life” organized by Vantage Natural Health Clinic was held on Monday at Krishibid Institute Auditorium, Dhaka.

In the seminar, internationally renowned cardiologist and medical doctor Dr. Mujibur Rahman spoke about various methods of leading a healthy life without medicine.

Dr. Mujibur Rahman joined Dhaka Medical College after completing HSC from Mirzapur Cadet College in 1981. In 1982, he went to Russia with a scholarship to study at Luvov Medical University. He successfully completed his internship there in 1987 after completing his medical course. He went on to and did his post-graduation in internal medicine and cardiology. Later, focusing on medical practice and research for a long time, he discovered how people in different corners of earth are living a healthy life in a natural waywithout medicine. But most people cannot imagine life without medicine. They start with one drug but gradually increase the dosage and number of medicines.

He discusses 7 ways to live a healthy life without medicine in this seminar. These 7 methods are:
1. Good food and good water (natural food and alkaline water)
2. Gut Health (Healthy Gut)
3. Proper breathing
4. 17 Hours Fasting (Short Fasting)
5. Physical exercise
6. Peace of mind and good sleep
7. Sunlight (9am-11am / 3pm-5pm regular sun exposure)

He presented a variety of topics including food preparation, natural food ingredients and diet and exercise regimens based on his personal experience applying his knowledge on his own body and later on his clinic’s patients with excellent results. By consuming these medicinal foods as per the rules, people do not have to visit any doctor for medicine and they can live a healthy life without any tests and medicines. By following all these rules and taking these foods any person can realize that his body is completely disease free and able to produce the energy required by his body.

He also talked about his special breakfast program where he and his trained team will show practically what kind of food a person should eat at the beginning of the day, how to prepare them for a healthy and drug free life. Also, the method of cooking different foods in the right way will also be shown there.

In this new and special method of his, so far numerous patients have been treated for various complex diseases. Patients suffering from various diseases including heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease, cancer are living a healthy and normal life with this service.

For the benefit of the people of Bangladesh, he published two books entitled “Cure of Diseases by Natural Ways: Healthy Diet and Living Advice” and “The Secret of Dr. Mujibur Rahman’s 7 Formulas for a Healthy Life without Medicines”. The books mainly focus on how people can cure diseases naturally through healthy eating habits and lead a medicine-free life.

He has many videos for each disease on why each disease occurs and how to cure it without medicine and also has several videos on Facebook, YouTube channel and Instagram on how to prepare medicinal foods. By following these a person can live a full healthy life. His main objective is to encourage the people of Bangladesh to cure diseases in a natural way without medicine, as a result of which they will be able to live a healthy and normal life.