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Greater Sylhet Council UK pledges £50,000 to move forward with new initiatives

Muhammed Shahed Rahman :

Greater Sylhet Council UK is announced at a representative meeting in New Udyam through a pledge of £50,000 from lifetime members.
The Convening Committee began its journey by announcing that 100 Life Members would take £50,000 to take Greater Sylhet UK forward at a new initiative.
Within the next 6 months, with great enthusiasm and new energy, with the goal of forming every regional and branch committee in Britain, and seeking everyone’s cooperation in the future progress for the development of the Greater Sylhet community and the welfare of humanity, let us move forward at our own pace in the bond of unity for the welfare of humanity. Oath has been taken.
A meeting was held on Tuesday (24 October 2023) with former central and regional leaders and members of the Greater Sylhet Council UK in a hall room in East London with representatives from various cities in Britain.
Patron and former chairperson of the organization Dr. Hasnat M. Hossain MBE presided over and jointly conducted by former central joint secretary Mohammad Mokis Mansoor and Dr. Mujibur Rahman, former patron and central chairperson of Greater Sylhet Council UK KM Abutaher Chowdhury, former central chairperson Nurul Islam were present as guests in the meeting. Mahbub, former central general secretary and heroic freedom fighter Syed Abdul Qayyum Kaishar, community leaders Siraj Haque, Syed Aminul Haque, Faizur Rahman Chowdhury and 71-year-old freedom fighter Mohammad Mostafa.
Sarbjanab Masood Ahmad, Harunur Rashid, Councilor Fulzar Ahmad, Haji Mohammad Habib, Maulana Rafiq Ahmad, Khan Jamal Nurul Islam, Sipper Rezaul Karim, Ashraf Mia, Shahjanur Raja, Azam Ali, Ghiyas Uddin, Journalist Rakib Ruhel, Enamul Haque, Abdul Malik, Anwar Hossain, Rakibur Rahman, Ashraf Mia, AB Runel, Alhaj Lilu Mia, Belal Hossain, Habib Rahman, Abdul Waheed Babul, Syed Iqbal Ahmed, Zaheer Akhtar Ali, Iqbal Ahmed, Lalu Mia, Ruhel Mia, Mosahid Rahman, Syed Sayem Karim, Abdur Rauf Syed Saiful Alam, SK Salam, Masum Uddin, Ahbab Ahmed, Abdul Mannan, Chowdhury Hafiz Ahmed, Nurul Islam, Bachchu Bakht, Badrul Haque Mansoor, Tofail Ahmed, Shajahan Shawon, Abdul Basit Rafi, Jahangir Alam, Rahul Amin, Tofail Ahmed, Zuber Alam, SM Karim, Abdul Latif, Mokhtar Ahmed, Masud Uddin, Jamal Ahmed, Shiplu Ahmed Chowdhury, MA Shahid and Anna Mia etc.
Speakers in the meeting said – The Greater Sylhet Council established in 1993 was the life organization of the people of Sylhet. But it is a matter of great regret that the selfishness, arbitrariness, undemocratic actions, one-sided elections, disunity in the organization and the failure of the welfare of the people of Greater Sylhet have been shown in this organization.
This conspiratorial group has been showing thumbs to the leaders and mentors at all levels since the establishment of the organization, and completely failed to retain the trust and confidence of the people of Sylhet. They have brought the organization to the brink of destruction. For the past one year, they have not given consent to the founding members and leaders of the organization. harassing
Therefore, in the meeting, it was decided to take the Greater Sylhet Council forward with the people of Sylhet for the welfare of the people of Sylhet with new zeal and restructuring.
The name, logo and constitution of the organization were discussed in the meeting. Community leader Mohammad Mokis Mansoor as convener, Masood Ahmad as co-convener, Harunur Rashid, and Rezaul Karim Seepar as joint conveners from each region, Dr. Mujibur Rahman as membership secretary, Helen Islam as joint member for the next six months to advance the future progress of the organization. A 101-member convening committee and an advisory council with 31 members have been announced with secretary and Ashraf Mia as finance secretary and Jamal Hossain as co-finance secretary.
This committee will form regional and branch committees, organize membership drives and national conferences. In the meeting, it was decided to make the general membership fee 10 pounds and the life membership fee 500 pounds. 100 names were shortlisted for life membership at the meeting to kick-start the Greater Sylhet Council UK journey with a new initiative of £50,000 for life members.
In the meeting, there was a strong demand to stop the Israeli-Palestinian war, protest and condemn the genocide in Gaza, provide fast NID cards to expatriates through the High Commission, solve the complications of power of attorney and accept expatriates’ passports as ID to pay taxes in Bangladesh.
The convenor of the convening committee, Mohammad Mokis Mansoor, expressed his sincere thanks and gratitude to all those present for giving him this important responsibility in the meeting and said, “We are going to start the journey of the convening committee of our life organization Greater Sylhet from today, through the pledge of 50,000 pounds, every regional and branch. The Convening Committee and Greater Sylhet Community in UK humbly requested everyone to take a solemn oath to work for the development of the Greater Sylhet Community and the welfare of the humanity of the people of Sylhet through the formation of the committee.