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Who are the winners of PETA India Vegan Food Awards?

Vegan Food (IANSLIFE)

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India announces the winners of the 2023 PETA India Vegan Food Awards during World Vegan Month which is observed every year in the month of November.

More than 47 percent of Indian respondents to a study stated they consumed plant-based food out of concern for animals.

Shaka Harry, backed by cricketer MS Dhoni, nabbed Best Vegan Meat for its delicious Just Like Mutton Bhuna Curry, and NOTO, with investors including actor John Abraham, won Best Vegan Ice Cream for its tasty Mango & Raspberry frozen dessert.

The other winners are listed below.

Best Vegan Milk: So Good Plant-Based Oat BeverageBest Vegan Butter: Grabenord “Not a Dairy Butter”Best Vegan Yogurt: Ultx Soya Curd KitBest Vegan Ghee: Simplifry VE-GEEBest Vegan Sweet: The Baklava Box Vegan Pista KunafaBest Vegan Cheese: Plan B Classic SlicesBest Vegan Egg: Moonglet Eggless Masala OmeletteBest Vegan Chocolate: Daarzel The OG Vegan & Gluten Free Coconut Milk ChocolateBest Vegan Buttermilk: Chetran’s Soya Taak JeeraBest Vegan Snack: Karachi’s Vegan Fruit Biscuits

“From celebrity-approved vegan mutton to a creamy dairy-free dessert and more, all the innovative winners of our 2023 Vegan Food Awards are making it easier than ever to eat vegan,” says Dr. Kiran Ahuja, PETA India Manager of Vegan Projects. “PETA India is encouraging everyone to opt for the many vegan treats available today, which taste delicious while sparing animals suffering and protecting the planet and our health.”

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