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Why sleep isn’t the only ‘shut-eye’ men need

You know that state of living in a concrete box you call home? The dreadful Dhaka traffic jam where you’re stuck and consider taking a quick nap? Yes, even if you snooze there (or in your comfy bed), you might still wake up feeling like you just wrestled a hawker to save just Tk 20. Why? Because, surprise, sleep and rest are as different as biriyani and polao — similar, but not quite the same.

Sleep ≠ Rest: The Dhaka Edition

You would think in Dhaka, with its defining trait of invoking chaos, people would appreciate any form of sleep, right? Wrong. We are a city of high-flyers, not just kite-flying on Pahela Baishakh, but soaring high on ambition. And, whether you admit it or not, are we tired! It is not just the sleep deficit; it’s a full-blown rest recession.

Seven Shades of Rest: Pick Your Palette

Sleeping isn’t the only ‘shut-eye’ you need; let’s dissect the seven wonders of rest, shall we?
Physical Rest: Not Just a Hustler’s Dream

Physical rest has two cousins: Passive and Active. Passive is your good ol’ sleep. Active is like a wellness retreat—think yoga, stretching, or an overpriced massage that claims to align your chakras but leaves your wallet lighter.

Mental Rest: Caffeine is Not Your Superpower

You know that colleague or your spouse who lives on coffee and is still as scatterbrained as Dhaka’s urban planning? That’s a mental rest deficit for you. The antidote is not another cuppa, but brief respites throughout your nine-to-five chaos.

Sensory Rest: A Vacation for Your Senses

Ever feel like the buzzing of your AC is out to get you? Your senses need a break too. Close your eyes or stare at a green tree for once instead of your green-lit notifications. Yes, it is true. Surrounding yourself in nature actually, realigns the mind that you desperately need to overhaul.

Creative Rest: Starving Artists, Take Note

For all you idea-generators out there, you need to recharge your innovation battery. Bask in the glory of nature or arts, and no, TikTok videos do not count as ‘creative inspiration’. Take a slow day where you force yourself to do nothing but appreciate the little things that life has to offer.

Emotional Rest: Less People-Pleasing, More Soul-Easing

That friend who says ‘yes’ to every invite, even if it’s as enticing as watching grass grow? Emotional rest is what they need, which basically translates to ‘It’s okay to say no without turning it into a melodrama’.

Social Rest: Not All ‘Adda’ is Good ‘Adda’

Surround yourself with people who lift you up, not those who suck the joy out of you like a city mosquito that Dhaka City Corporation failed to put out. Be selective with your ‘addas’ and keep the energy vampires at bay.

Spiritual Rest: Find your inner peace

Connect with something beyond this mortal coil. Meditate, pray, or find a cause that makes you forget about Dhaka’s infernal heat for a while. Get back in touch with your childish hobbies, and do not let others diss you.

The Moral of the Rest Story

Stop treating rest like a luxury only a rich man can afford. In a city that barely sleeps (let alone rests), understanding these shades of rest is as essential as knowing the shortcuts to avoid Dhaka’s notorious jams.

PS: If you’re still deadbeat tired, maybe consult a doctor. Tiredness can also be Dhaka’s smog messing with your lungs, and that’s a whole different problem.

So, Dhaka, are we ready to rest, not just sleep?