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BNP-Jamaat resorts to terror to foil polls: PM Sheikh Hasina

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday said BNP-Jamaat alliance has unleashed a reign of terror on the mass people aimed at foiling the national election scheduled for January 7 next.

“Casting vote is the constitutional right of the people. No one has the right to resist them and kill people for casting votes,” she said.

The prime minister said this while talking to reporters after performing her ziarat at the mazar of Hazrat Shahjalal in Sylhet.

She said that no one will accept any militant and terrorist activities in Bangladesh.

“If anyone does this the people of the country one day will throw them out. That is the reality,” she said.

The ruling Awami League chief also warned the people who are behind the recent arson attacks in railways.

“There will be no forgiveness at all for those who are involved in arson attacks and killing people. We must take stern actions against them,” she said.

She said that although BNP-Jamaat clique wanted to foil the election and stop people from casting their votes in the next elections, the people are in favour of election and casting votes.

“People are not responding towards the strike of BNP. What will they gain through this destructive activities? The mass people will hate them ultimately,” she said.

Hasina said that whenever Awami League comes in the government it brings welfare for the people.

“In 2009 we formed the government. The people of Bangladesh also elected us in 2014 and 2018,” she said.

She said that the Awami League government fulfilling the basic needs of the people one by one.

“Rest of the needs will be fulfilled Inshallah if in January 7 election people of Bangladesh cast their votes for boat symbol and if we can from the government again. we will make the whole Bangladesh developed and prosperous. And no one will be without address, home and land,” she said.

She mentioned that the aim of the government is to bring smiles on the faces of poor people for making the country developed and prosperous one, which was the dream of the father of the nation.

“Already we have attained the recognition of developing nation status. It has to be implemented. I know that if our government comes again it will be effective.”

Regarding BNP’s boycott of the election, Sheikh Hasina said that if anyone wants not to participate in the election, that is fine.

“But why are they killing destroying properties? These are the properties of the mass people,” she said.

She said that uprooting fishplates and setting fire to train are totally terrorist and militant activities.

“And BNP-Jamaat alliance are doing that terrorist and militant activities.”

She mentioned that It is the character of BNP to burn people alive. What type of anti-government movement is that.

“They called strike on Tuesday, but people of the country did not respond to the call. They must understand that people of the country want the election and cast their votes.”

She said that Awami League creates opportunity for the party members that anyone can participate in the election.

“All can be the candidate and work for the election, it is the people who will decide their respective MPs,” she said.

She came down heavily on BNP-Jamaat alliance while talking about the tragic death of a mother and her child, which she tried to save from the fire.

In an emotion-choked voice she said that “there is nothing painful than seeing this scene. How can a human being can do this.”

In this connection she questioned what type of politics is this which lead to attack on mass people, police and journalists.

“They have to take their politics to the people, if they respond to their politics they will participate in that.”

Creating fear by killing people to foil the election will not work, she said that they could not do that in 2013 and 2014.

She said that the unscrupulous members of BNP-Jamaat are implementing the orders that they are getting from London.

“This kind of criminal activities will not be accepted by the people of Bangladesh,” she said.