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Foods to lower uric acid levels

Clearly, uric acid is a chemical compound produced by the body when breaking down purine-containing substances. In a healthy individual, kidneys play a crucial role in eliminating this compound. However, excessive consumption of purine-containing foods can result in uric acid levels surpassing the normal range of 3.5 to 7.2 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL). Elevated uric acid levels may lead to increased cases of kidney stones and gout. Adopting a diet that supports the regulation of uric acid levels is essential to safeguard against potential harm. Here, we outline some foods that can assist in maintaining optimal uric acid levels.

Limiting Purine-Rich Foods

Purines present in certain foods break down into uric acid after entering the body. Consequently, the more purine-rich foods you consume, the higher the uric acid level in your body. Instead of completely eliminating these nutritious foods, it is advisable to limit their consumption. Examples of purine-rich foods include dairy products, trout, sardines, red meats, and sugary items.

Including Coffee

Studies have shown that moderate coffee consumption can slow down the enzyme responsible for converting purine into uric acid. However, further research is needed in this field.
Incorporating Fruits like Bananas and Apples

Bananas, with their extremely low purine levels, make them a good choice for regulating normal uric acid levels. Additionally, including apples in your diet can be beneficial for regulating uric acid levels. Apples, rich in fiber, are believed to absorb excessive uric acids from the bloodstream. The presence of malic acid in apples also helps neutralize uric acids. Cherries are another excellent option for balancing uric acid levels due to their rich antioxidants and Vitamin C content.

Regular Consumption of Green Tea

In addition to aiding weight loss, green tea can be a valuable remedy for reducing uric acid levels in your body. Though ongoing research is being conducted, it is believed that green tea extract helps fight inflammation and reduces the risk of gout.


Maintaining proper hydration is crucial, as water acts as an effective agent in flushing out excessive uric acid through urine. In summary, regular uric acid level checkups are necessary to ensure control and mitigate the risks of kidney stones and gout.