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Govt not waiting for recognition from anyone: Quader

In an address on Sunday at the Awami League President’s office in Dhanmondi, General Secretary of the party and Road Transport and Bridges Minister, Obaidul Quader, dismissed the notion that the government is desperate for validation.

“There’s no reason to believe that the elected government is in a desperate situation, waiting like a Chatok bird for someone’s recognition,” Quader declared.

He also criticized the opposition party, BNP, for their conduct. “BNP is burning in frustration and hatred, because a vast number of people have elected Sheikh Hasina as the Prime Minister, despite the party boycotting the election. Now, they are envious,” he added, reports UNB.

Regarding the government’s actions, Quader stated, “As a patriotic government, the Awami League is proactively managing commodity prices.” He warned against the BNP’s approach to protests, asserting, “If BNP resorts to violence under the guise of protest, our law enforcement agencies are prepared to act, and politically, we are ready to confront them.”

Quader also commented on the BNP’s recent activities: “BNP’s so-called movement is unclear and has become a laughing stock both domestically and internationally. We view their actions as attempts to undermine our democratic culture.”

He concluded with a stern warning: “While the BNP has the right to peaceful political activities, any acts of terrorism or public disruption will be met with appropriate legal action.”

The briefing was attended by other notable Awami League leaders including Organising Secretary BM Mozammel Haque and Office Secretary Barrister Biplob Barua, highlighting the united front of the party in addressing current political challenges.