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Action if charging extra fares: DMP

Action will be taken against bus owners if they are found charging extra fares during Eid-ul-Azha, said Additional Commissioner of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Munibur Rahman on Wednesday.

He noted that the intense travel rush typically seen one or two days before Eid, primarily involving workers returning to their home villages.

“Those who leave Dhaka for trips cannot easily return to Dhaka, Gazipur, and Narayanganj due to the huge rush. As a result, workers are forcibly occupying local buses.”

Additional Commissioner said these during a press conference at the DMP Media Centre today.

In response to questions about police measures to prevent overcharging, Munibur Rahman mentioned that each bus terminal has a surveillance team. This team, coordinated with various law enforcement agencies. including the police, BRTA, city corporation representatives, and executive magistrates, is responsible for ensuring that fares are collected according to the official fare chart and preventing overcharging.

“The mobile team is on-site to check for fare overcharging and takes action if any allegations arise,” he added.

He further warned that necessary legal action will be taken against vehicles operating without route permits and proper fitness certification.