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How to combat hair loss related to stress with Patanjali

Ayurveda is not just a remedy for intense bouts of cough, headaches, or respiratory issues; it offers relief from every physical, psychological, and emotional ailment through its natural herbs. From helping you achieve glowing skin to fighting acne breakouts and, more importantly, addressing persistent and awful hair fall, Ayurveda has solutions for all. Many of us suffer from hair fall, often blaming our stressful lives, poor lifestyle habits, and water quality. Ayurvedic herbs provide effective solutions to prevent hair fall and give you strong, luscious, and soft hair, promoting further growth. As we explore more about what Ayurveda can do for your hair loss, here are a few potent herbs that come with no side effects.


Look for potent hair care products on the market, and you will find Bhringraj as a major ingredient. Bhringraj helps stop hair fall by increasing blood flow to the scalp and roots, giving your hair follicles the nutrients they require. The flow of oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles helps you get strong tresses. Therefore, make sure to oil your hair with Bhringraj oil at least once a week or use a shampoo containing Bhringraj.


The second most common ingredient in hair care products is neem. Neem purifies your scalp, removes excess oil, and gives your hair the strength it needs. The anti-inflammatory properties of neem make it a ‘golden’ herb for hair care. Whether you have a sensitive scalp or one that is extremely dry and full of dandruff, neem products or even homemade natural neem paste can benefit your hair.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a powerhouse of vitamins that your scalp needs for strong, lustrous hair. The vitamins in aloe vera, especially vitamins A and E, aid in new cell regeneration, which is crucial for stopping hair fall and promoting strong hair. For healthy hair, incorporate Patanjali Kesh Kanti Hair Cleanser Aloe Vera to nourish your scalp. It promotes healthy hair, and protects against environmental damage.


Folic acid and vitamins A and K in methi (fenugreek) make it an excellent natural remedy for hair care. Get strong hair with methi shampoo, or use oil that features methi as its main ingredient. You can even make a methi paste at home to strengthen your hair.

All in all, these are some Ayurvedic remedies you can opt for to achieve strong tresses. They not only stop hair loss but also prevent dandruff and strengthen your hair follicles.