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Mountain floods rise water level of 26 rivers in Sunamganj

The water level of 26 rivers, including Surma, Jadukata, Kushiyara and Baulai in Sunamganj district, is rising rapidly due to onrush of water from upstream hills.

The rapidly rising water levels have caused concern among the 2 million residents of the district.

Two million residents of Bhatir district are passing time in fear of floods due to the rapid rise in the water level of the river.

According to the Water Development Board (WDB), the Surma River’s water level at the Sunamganj point has risen by 28 centimeters in the last 24 hours, flowing 19 centimeters below the danger level. At the Chhatak point, it has already surpassed the danger level by 8 centimeters.

Local residents expressed his worries stating, “On this day in 2022, we experienced a flood. With the water rising so rapidly, we are anxious. Floods bring immense suffering.”

“Whenever it rains in Meghalaya, the water level increases here (Sunamganj). The videos and photos we see on social media suggest an impending flood. We start facing difficulties as soon as the water rises, so we are preparing in advance. Many of our neighbors have already made preparations,” they said.

Mamun Howlader, Executive Engineer of the Sunamganj Water Development Board, explained that heavy rainfall in India’s Cherrapunji has caused significant mountain floods upstream.

“If this continues, the water in Sunamganj’s rivers will soon exceed the danger level, leading to a short-term flood situation,” he warned.

They urged to remain vigilant and take necessary precautions as the situation develops.