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Saree symbol of cultural, heritage

The sarees are a symbol of our cultural heritage and pride. Enchanting colours and handmade designs make the eautiful saris your best fashion solution for any festive occasion. It is not only elegant but also comfortable to wear, making it practical for Eid celebrations during summer. In recent times, traditional sarees have become a popular choice among fashion lovers and the ever-gorgeous  and hand paint sarees are the best bet to stand out amongst the crowd.

On the 17th of May, exactly one month before Eid-ul- Azha, Horitoki and Mohashoy unveiled a spectacular summer collection designed to celebrate both the festive season and the warmth of Bangladeshi summer. This years offerings feature an exquisite blend of traditional motifs and contemporary designs, ensuring a unique appeal for every fashion enthusiast.

When it comes to accessories silver jewellery can be a great choice with these sarees. From intricate necklaces to delicate bangles, silver jewellery complements any look, from deshi to western. The cool silver tone will match any colour scheme and add a sophisticated element to your style.

A delicate silver chain with a small pendant is a sophisticated touch to a simple saree. A pair of silver earrings, on the other hand, can make a statement without overwhelming the outfit.

Silver bangles and bracelets are also a perfect match for your Eid look. The gentle shine of the bangles adds flair to the outfit, making it perfect for dawats.