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Urgent need of policy for motorcycles, easy bikes: Quader

Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader on Wednesday said that motorcycles and easy bikes are the leading causes of road accidents across the country. But there is no way to remove these vehicles from the road.

That’s why, the secretary has been asked to make policies quickly.

Quader said these while exchanging Eid greetings at his ministry’s conference room in the secretariat at 11:30am.

“It’s very unfortunate that lately, motorcycle accidents have become more frequent. Looking at the accident data, motorcycles account for the highest number of accidents, followed by easy bikes. Reckless driving also plays a significant role. We cannot ignore this. I urge the Secretary to expedite the formulation of a policy,” he said.

The minister further mentioned that the lack of regulation for millions of three-wheelers and motorcycles is disrupting order on the roads, highlighting the urgent need for a policy.

“People’s lives should come before livelihoods. In trying to protect livelihoods, lives are being put at risk. Those involved in electoral politics often support or endorse this. Easy bikes on highways receive a lot of support, sometimes even encouragement from behind the scenes. In Dhaka, our current regulations ensure that 98 percent of riders have helmets,” the minister said.

Quader also noted that while the Eid journeys on roads have been relatively smooth, the return trips remain a concern. “The return journeys often receive less attention, which can lead to accidents. Therefore, we must focus on ensuring the safety of the return journeys as well.”