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Overall flood situation in Sylhet improves further

Though the overall flood situation in Sylhet has improved, water levels at three points of the main Surma and Kushiyara rivers are still above the danger mark.

According to the Water Development Board, as of 6pm on Tuesday, the Surma River’s water level at the Kanaighat point is 13 centimeters above the danger mark.

On the other hand, the water level of the Kushiyara River is 20 centimeters above the danger mark at the Amalshid point and 96 centimeters above at the Fenchuganj point.

District administration sources said 803,365 people have so far been affected by the floods. Of them, 13,154 people are now in 734 shelters across the district. The number was 13,209 on Monday.

The Sylhet Meteorological Office reported that 56.8mn of rainfall were recorded in the last 24 hours. Additionally, 5 millimeters of rainfall were recorded from Tuesday morning until evening.

As the water levels in rivers started to decrease, many people have begun leaving the shelters. With the improvement in the flood situation, several tourist centres in the district have been reopened under certain conditions since June 23.