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Indian spices that aid your weight loss journey

What do you relate weight loss with? Gym? Dietary restrictions? Yoga? Lifestyle changes? But what if one told you that, apart from all these, the spices you use in your everyday Indian cooking can make your journey towards weight loss easier? More than just flavor enhancers, Indian spices come with a plethora of benefits, including aiding in digestion, detoxifying your body, and adding weight loss as a feather in the cap. While the foundation of your weight loss should always include exercise and a proper customized diet and lifestyle routine, here we have compiled a list of Indian spices that act as catalysts for weight loss.


Having cinnamon water in the morning or even cinnamon tea after dinner or any major meal has shown significant benefits for weight loss. Cinnamon comes with several beneficial properties, including its ability to regulate blood sugar levels, which directly impact your appetite. Lower blood sugar levels result in a craving for sugar and carbs, leading to overeating. Hence, to avoid overeating or late-night bingeing, a cup of cinnamon tea before bed is a great remedy. Cinnamon also boosts metabolism, acting as a fat-burning spice.

Black Cumin Seeds

Popularly known as kalonji, black cumin seeds contain phytochemicals that play a crucial role in burning fat. Like cinnamon, black cumin seeds help curb appetite and overeating tendencies by regulating blood sugar levels.


While you may be well attuned to the benefits of turmeric in skincare, turmeric also has several health benefits, especially for weight loss. The powerful compound in turmeric, called curcumin, curbs the growth of fat tissue cells while regulating cholesterol and blood sugar levels and preventing insulin resistance.


Having a glass of fenugreek water every morning on an empty stomach can benefit your health in the long term. Fenugreek is well known for boosting metabolism, which helps with the easier breakdown of fat cells and prevents the deposition and formation of new fat cells. It also aids in controlling appetite by regulating blood sugar levels.

Chilli Powder or Cayenne

While everyone’s spice tolerance is different and this option is not viable for everyone, research has shown that chilli powder can boost metabolism, directly impacting the calories burned, leading to faster weight loss.

Apart from these, a few other spices you could incorporate into your daily life are cardamom, black pepper, cumin, fennel, and others. However, it’s crucial to understand that these spices are not a substitute but rather a supplement for weight loss when paired with the right exercise and diet.