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Benazir’s luxury bungalow in Narayanganj confiscated

A luxury duplex bungalow of former inspector general of police (IGP) Benazir Ahmed at Rupganj in Narayanganj has been confiscated at the directive of a court.

A team of Narayanganj district administration and Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) sealed the house at Ananda Police Housing Society at Dakkhinbag area in Rupganj upazila on Saturday.

Narayanganj Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Mahmudul Huque, local upazila administration officials and ACC officials were present.

A notice of confiscation has been hung at the main gate of the bungalow.

After the drive, ACC Deputy Director Mainul Hossain Raushani said security personnel were appointed here. “We will take further action when instructions come.”

The local administration and ACC team sealed off the front and rear doors of the house. Since there were password lock systems on the doors, the officials sealed off the entire locks.

ACC Deputy Director Mainul Hossain Raushani said security personnel were appointed here. “We will take further action when instructions come.”

Additional Deputy Commissioner (Revenue) Shafiqul Alam said the district administration took control of the house at Gutiab mouza in the upazila at the directive of the court. As there were password lock systems, the doors of the house could not be opened. “We will come here again after taking decision in this regard. Decision has also been taken to keep the birds and dogs inside the bungalow as usual. The caretakers of the bungalow will also live there.”

The red-colour duplex house was built on a 24 kathas of land beside an artificial lake, which is 39.9% of the land in Ananda Police Housing Society area. House owner Benazir Ahmed bought the land of the children of late Premananda Sarker at Tk 1.83 crore about eight years ago. He built the house there in 2022. Benazir used to come at this bungalow and stay here at night while he was in the country. Apart from caretakers, two dogs have also been kept for the security of the bungalow round-the-clock.

The price of the bungalow is now around Tk 10 crore. The ownership is in the name of former IGP Benazir’s daughter Farheen Rishta Binte Benazir.

On Thursday, the local administration took charge of the property – valued at Tk 20 crore – in Bandarban district, belonging to forme IGP Benazir Ahmed.

The operation, led by Deputy Commissioner Shah Mozahid Uddin and officials from the ACC, involved seizing control of Benazir’s garden house, cattle farm, and fish farm in the morning.

Local sources reported that Benazir accumulated 50 acres of land in Sualak union and 100 acres in Lama upazila.

After taking charge, the team installed a signboard and secured the garden house under lock and key.

The local administration will deposit any income generated from these properties into the government treasury.