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Nail art at home

68Paying a visit to the nail salon every week for an envy-rousing, on-trend manicure will burn a hole in your purse. Instead, exploring your creative streak with DIY nail art will save precious moolah and have you sporting a different theme for every party. All you need is to dip into your collection of nail paints and use little items like brushes, tape and toothpicks from your craft drawer.Heart-themed manicure: This one’s most suitable for date night.Nail hack: Create hearts easily and symmetrically using a toothpick. Do the classic red hearts on a white background or vice versa. Conversely, display your disdain for romance with black hearts.Ombre nails: Gradient nail art has been spotted on the fingertips of celebrities like Katy Perry and Jessie J, because of its optical illusion effect.Nail hack: Use a sponge to apply the colours to the nail and then blend. For a glamorous party look, let one shade be glittery. Marble nails: Marble nail art looks like it takes hours to achieve. Cut down on the time required by using a nail polish template available at beauty stores.Nail hack: Shop for different nail polish templates with a marbled effect. Place on your nails and trim the edges. Add a top coat, and you’re ready!Floral design: With summer approaching, springtime floral nails are in demand. Nail hack: Make dots on your nails using a toothpick. Add colours over the dots for depth. Dot your nail in such a way that it forms the shape of a flower. Use green accents for leaves.Simple French manicure: You can never go wrong with a French manicure. This classic is a hit for daytime occasions.Nail hack: An easy way to do a French mani at home is to use a rubber band or nail tape to ensure a clean line.Sky theme nails: The sky theme is for times when you want to show off your free spiritedness.Nail hack: Strategically layer white and sky blue colours over one another in the shape of clouds to achieve this dreamy look.-Times of India