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About Us

Bangla Mirror is a reflection of the Bangladeshi Community. It represents the news, views, interests and aspirations of all Brit Bangladeshis. Moving ahead with an enduring interest in Britain, we’re the “youngest and
fastest-growing people of all the British ethnic populations”, a Census report said. Most of us are English speakers. And now we have the breakthrough English Weekly – Bangla Mirror – to represent our views.

Bangla Mirror will give a voice to more than 500,000 Brit Bangladeshis nationally,with a view to strengthening this community’s sense of its own identity. Through the Bangla Mirror, the dynamic Bangladeshi Community would be better able to team up with the nation as a whole, in one voice, one language – English. Therefore,this breakthrough paper is destined to usher in a new era where the Bangladeshi community itself and the British nation as a whole are closer, more sharing, caring and prepared to listen to one another.From the depths to the heights of the Bangladeshi Community, the upswings,downswings, losses, gains, events, conflicts, entertainment, fashion, music, business, spice, features, curiosity, health, religion, legal advice, sports, culture, everything that on interest to the Bangladeshi community will be in the Bangla Mirror.

We believe in our readers. We believe in our ethnic counterparts, therefore Bangla Mirror can be read by all section of the community.
Our team of reporters and national correspondents bring in exclusive and hard hitting news stories that affect the Bangladeshi and Asian community. We also carry the latest Bangladeshi and international news.

Bangla Mirror is the only voice for today’s Brit Bangladeshi women. We cover a range of issues facing women. This includes the latest fashion news, beauty tips, empowerment and health advice. We also highlight successful female personalities in the community.

Hot spice
Over 95% of Indian restaurants are owned by Brit Bangladeshis, which results in a huge contribution to the British economy. Bangla Mirror highlights top curry events and chef contests, offers restaurant reviews, innovative recipes and success stories of entrepreneurs.

Brit Bangladeshis are making their presence felt in the world of entertainment. Bangla Mirror carries the latest news from arts to music, drama to films and exclusive interviews with top home grown talent and the stars of Dhallywood and Bollywood.

Brit Bangladeshis have a huge interest in sport. From football to cricket our reporters cover the latest sport events. This includes in-depth interviews and highlighting the best of up and coming local and international stars.

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