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Simple ways to sleep bette

32From a combination of unhealthy diet, lack of exercise to staring at your ubercool smartphone till late in the night, we have caused much damage to our sleeping habits.Insomnia or difficulty in sleeping has become a major health problem now. But remember, to have a good night’s sleep is not such a tough task. Here are five simple ways to improve your sleep1) Cut back on the caffeine: Just as sugar pushes your insulin levels, caffeine can up your adrenaline. If you are a heavy tea/coffee drinker, cut back on the caffeine. No Sugar. No caffeine. Yes, you can have herbal tea or green tea. Herbals teas are a great way to unwind and relax at the end of the day. To sleep better, try to cut out the sugary beverages.2) Exercise: You remember the good old story how people who are engaged in vigorous physical activities like farming, construction work sleep very well. If you are wondering how exercising in the morning makes you sleep well in the night, then think again. If you want your share of a good night’s sleep, you need to develop a solid active morning routine.3) Read more: If diet and exercise contribute to sleep, so does a quiet mind. Take that cup of green tea and sit down with some light reading to relax your mind. Some people also write their gratitude journal before going off to sleep.4) Stay away from gadgets: In the highly technological world we are living in, most people are sleep deprived because they are hooked to their mobiles and laptops. Staying awake till late night and logging on to social media is definitely not a wise thing to do. Stay off from electronics before you sleep. Smartphones and tablets have definitely played havoc with sleeping habits. Switch off your lights.Even if you shut the TV and tablet before bed, that’s not enough. To have your body clock in tune, switch off the lights so that the body gets the signal.5) Drink water: Water before sleeping? Not a great idea many might think. Get a tall glass of water and sip on it before you head to bed. This will help your body to detox when you sleep, to rehydrate your system and to aid digestion. And when you wake up in the morning you feel much more energized.-Internet