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Blockade hits Sylhet bakery industry

induThe bakery industry in Sylhet district has been badly shaken by continuous blockade that has disrupted road communication in the country. Owners of the factories said they used to send products like biscuit, cake, bread and other items to the neighboring 4 districts. Now, the transportation of the products has virtually remained suspended due to the crippling political programmes. Over 5000 workers have become jobless in 250 bakeries during the ongoing blockade in the district, said sources. Manager of Wonder Biscuits and Bread Industry Limited told the correspondent that 20,000 pieces of biscuits were produced in two factories before the blockade or hartal; but they had to lay off at least 70 workers out of 110.
Now, we cannot transport our products to Moulobi Bazar, Hobigong and Sunamgong other districts.”
Poly Begum, a bakery worker, said her husband is a truck driver and she is working in a bakery. Now, for the non-stop blockade both of them are jobless for the last 50 days. “We have no work for survival,” she added.
Abdus Salam, a worker, said his daughter is in class-III, and now he has no ability to buy her art pencils. ‘I have not been paid for seven weeks now,” he added.
Anwar Hossain, owner of Bakery of Alompur area in Sylhet told that bakery traders were facing serious problem due to blockade while buyers lost their interest in taking items from them. “Over 500 workers became jobless during blockade and if it continues all the bakeries will be shut down,” he said feared.
He said: “Truck drivers do not want to carry bakery items as movement on road has become risky due to the blockade.” “We will lose both buyers and capital if blockade and violent agitation are not stopped soon,” he added.