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Makeup tips for summer

59It is that time of the year again, when the sun relentlessly shines down upon us.While summer is a great time to experiment with colours and prints, for those of us who like to wear makeup, there is always the fear of sweat, turning your carefully made up face into a pile of melted mush. No one wants concealer streaks down their face now, do they? Here are some tips and tricks which will help you keep your makeup in place during the hot summer months… Sweat is not the only cause for melted makeup, oil too is a major factor. Make sure you use an oil-control facial cleanser or toner to reduce the oil on your face especially the T-zone.Rather than using a foundation, use a tinted concealer or a tinted moisturizer for a light and sheer look. If you have to use foundation, use a primer first, rather than applying the foundation directly on the skin.Silicone-based eyeshadows or the pressed ones are best for summer as they are less likely to cake due to the heat.Dust your eyelashes with powder and then apply mascara. That way , the mascara will cling to the powder and not run when you sweat. Plus it will give your lashes a fuller look. Of course, waterresistant mascara works best.Lipsticks tend to last longer during the summer if you apply a base of foundation first. Stay away from lip gloss and opt for matte finishes or lipstains instead.-TOI