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Preparation complete for Vitamin A Plus Campaign in Sylhet City

78The City health administration has completed preparations to make the National Vitamin A Plus and de-worming Campaign 25 April-2015 for the 60,000 under five babies successful in the Sylhet City on April 25 next.

Chief Health Officer of SCC Dr Sudamoy mojumdar disclosed the information at a press briefing arranged at his conference room in Vinodini City Hospital the city late this afternoon and sought cooperation of the media in making the campaign successful.

The campaign will be conducted under the auspices of the Public Health & Nutrition Institute (PHNI) and National Nutrition Services (NNS) under the Ministry of Health and Family Planning and assistance of the UNICEF.

Under the Campaign, one dose of one lakh unit Vitamin A Blue capsule will be administered among 60,000 babies aged between 6 and 11 months and one dose unit Vitamin A Red capsule among 60,000 babies aged between 12 and 59 months.

in all 27 wards under Sylhet City Corporation (SCC).

A total 210 centres in the city and special arrangements will be made at the bus terminals, rail stations and other places to make the campaign a success.

Dr Sudamoy mojumdar also addressed the briefing participated by a large number of journalists from the print, electronic and online media.

He informed the journalists that the campaign will be conducted to reduce death risks of babies, save them from blindness caused by shortages of Vitamin A and disseminate knowledge among mass people about nutritional aspects for children.

He said Vitamin A can prevent mal-nutritional blindness especially night blindness, bitot’s spots and corneal lesions and also narrated importance for continuation of Vitamin A supplementation for healthier growth of the children, the future of the nation.