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Summertime home décor cues

bedSummer break is the best time to tank up and hit the highway, while for many it is the perfect excuse to throw a penthouse party and enjoy balmy evenings at home amid hums of voices and music. But if you don’t fall into either category, and instead like to spend your time doing something creative while staying put, this holiday season could be an opportunity to repurpose your thrift store finds into charming do-it-yourself decor items. Bangalore Times tosses around a few ideas…What can be more refreshing than waking up to the waft of a little greenery by the bedside! Recycle your old, disused cups and saucers to plant cute succulents, blossoms or even herbs, and place them around the house – from the kitchen window to the corner table in the living room.All we knew about origami were the paper boats that we floated in puddles as kids. But it is a far more detailed art. With a little patience and imagination, you can fold paper into a variety of decorative pieces like lamp shades, wall decal, twinkle light covers and even coasters.Nothing can lift your mood like the charming wind chimes made at home. Let a driftwood branch hang from the ceiling, onto which you can tie strings of seashells, stained-glass pieces, baubles, or even cutlery. You can also decorate your humble clay ones by painting small somethings on them.Even your pup needs space at home where it can paw and roll over to its heart’s delight. Be a little inventive this summer and surprise your furry friend with a comfy bed. Recycle your old TV set, end table or suitcase, or simply stuff a tote bag with cotton and turn it into a dog rest.Thinking of a quick living room makeover, but don’t want to fuss over the quintessential decor staples – needle and thread? Here’s your 5-minute solution to it! Just tuck your cushion/pillow into daddy’s worn-out pullover or wrap it in a scarf, neatly tying a knot behind.A slew of interior adornments and storage stuff can be made from coconut shells, with the most popular ones being the candle holder, seedling pots, plant hanger, photo frames, containers as well as kitchen bowls. These make excellent eco-friendly products.A backyard soiree is incomplete if you didn’t enjoy sundown under the subtle glow of handcrafted jar lights. Whether strung above or placed on the table runner, these lamps set the mood right for a dine-out at home.- The Times of India