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UK Awami League press conference held on Thursday, 11 June.

54Ansar Ahmed Ullah

At a press conference held on Thursday, 11 June, in an East London venue the UK Awami League announced that Bangladesh’s Prime  Minister Sheikh Hasina will be arriving in London on Friday, 12 June, on a five day personal trip.

The UK Awami League will receive her at the hotel on Friday afternoon. In addition a citizen reception has been organised in honour of

Prime Minister onSunday 14 June in a Park Lane hotel.

The Prime Minister will spend time with her younger sister Sheikh Rehana and other family members. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will

see her niece Tulip Siddiq following her recent win at the UK general election. Prior to the election the Prime Minister had blessed her.

Tulip Siddiq had phoned her aunty immediately after the election results. It is believed other members of Bangabandhu family from the

US will also join the family reunion.

The press conference was addressed by Awami League’s President Sultan Shariff, Vice President Harmuz Ali, Secretary Syed Faruk,

Asst Secretary Maruf Ahmed and Asst Secretary Anwaruzzaman Chowdhury.