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Members of United Driving Instructors’ Association meet at an iftar event

21United Driving Instructors’ Association organised an event on Wednesday, the 1st of July, to discuss the significance of Ramadan, which followed an iftar mahfil. Driving instructors from all over the UK joined the event at Regents Lake Banqueting Hall in Tower Hamlets. Chairman of United Driving Instructors’ Association Saleh Ahmod presided over the discussion event while the general secretary Siddiqur Rahman and vice chairman Muhammad Alam were jointly conducting. Deputy mayor of Tower Hamlets Sirajul Islam, councillor Mahbub Alam Mamun, director of Appex Accountants Komru Ali, director of General Auto Monir Ali and director of Zone Gas Heating and Plumbig Moz Ali contributed in the discussion event. Driving instructor Abdul Quayyum recited some verses from the holy Quran before another driving instructor mawlana Shahed Alam led a collective dua. More than 150 driving instructors attended the gathering, which was sponsored by Regents Lake Hall authority. Ziaul Gajnabi, Abdul Khalique, Forhad Miah, Khasrujjaman, Abdur Rashid, Akikur Rahman, Imran Uddin, Kamrul Alam, Shah Akhter Hussain, Jamal Uddin, Mukta Miah and Musabbir Ali were among the leaders of UDIA who attended the event. United Driving Instructors’ Association is working towards improving the professional standards of driving instructors and raising awareness about the road safety.