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Rushanara Ali supports Labour’s amendment on Government’s Welfare Bill

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MP for Bethnal Green and Bow Rushanara Ali MP have supported strongly the Labour’s amendment on Government’s Welfare Bill.
After Rushanara Ali voted for Labour’s amendment to the Government’s Welfare Bill, she said: “As well as cutting incentives to work, this Government’s Welfare Bill will mean more than 3 million struggling families will be worse off by around £1,000 per year. This stinging blow is clearly unacceptable.
“As things stand, almost half of the children in Bethnal Green and Bow grow up in poverty and this Bill will only make things worse for them. That’s why I supported Labour’s reasoned amendment last night in Parliament, alongside a majority of Labour MPs. Labour should lead the way in helping create a fairer, high-wage, high-skill economy, as opposed to the Conservatives whose only intention seems to be taking away family tax credits.
“This amendment puts on record Labour’s thoughtful opposition to the Bill, showing clear areas of agreement on creating three million apprenticeships for young people, a measure for which I have lobbied Government since before entering Parliament. It also allows us to oppose forcefully specific measures later on in the process, and I will certainly fight in this way to achieve a fair deal for my constituents and our country.”
After MPs voted not to accept the Labour amendment, Rushanara abstained to ensure the commitment to three million apprenticeships was not lost.
The Bill will now be examined by MPs in Committee before returning to the full House of Commons for a final vote, at which point Rushanara and other Labour MPs will table amendments on a range of issues including opposing the limit of tax credits to two children per family, opposing the removal of the Government’s responsibilities to record child poverty, and opposing cuts to the Employment and Support Allowance.