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Farming best fitness activity, says American trainer

80The global master trainer of the brand Reebok feels that Indian farmers do the best fitness activity that comprises naturally-designed digging and dragging. (Source: Thinkstock Images)Indians are more concerned about their fitness now as they want to look and feel better, says David Jack. But the global master trainer of the brand Reebok feels that Indian farmers do the best fitness activity that comprises naturally-designed digging and dragging.”In India, people now want to look better and feel better. There is a lot of passion and rising interest for fitness in India, being a nation which is young and rising by itself.”I feel that the best fitness activity is what the farmers do here. They dig all day long, carry and drag things – which is the best fitness as it’s natural by design,” Jack told IANS during a visit to India.Jack also feels that nowadays “fitness is also a luxury and that’s where I see a lot of passion and interest”.”The other thing I see in the country is reverence in people, and adherence to protocol, culture and customs. There is an inherent joy and desire to laugh, fun and move. Every place I have visited in India, I have seen interest in dance.”There were Cross Fit coaches who were also Zumba instructors, strength and conditioning coaches who teach dance and yoga. That is really interesting as you need to balance your fitness activities. What I love is how open people are here to multiple modes of acquiring fitness,” he said.The global ambassador and consultant was in India on a multi-city tour, introducing Reebok trainers to the latest buzzword in fitness – metabolic training.Sharing the concept of the training, he said: “Metabolic training is a style of training which lives in the umbrella of fitness. It has many different methods under it which we can use it as exercise enthusiasts or fitness professionals, to deliver to other people.Its ultimate goal is to create fast and efficient workouts that help people to burn fat, gain lean muscle and improve their cardio-vascular fitness as well as overall physical wellness”.And he feels that the concept will work well in India if performed correctly.”It is going to be a buzz word and people will be really interested in it. I think we still have to work on how to deliver it safely, and enthusiasts in the country need to be very careful in how they integrate it in their lives.”Metabolic training has a higher benefit as a part of your fitness profile, but also has a higher risk if not performed correctly. If you are going to make metabolic training a part of your fitness programme, do it with care, choose the right coach, and make sure you feel comfortable doing it,” said Jack, who is also the Global Ambassador for ReebokONE – a global online community for fitness professionals to share knowledge, tips, and inspiration. The expert also feels that “anything we do as an activity to which we have to physically respond, has a metabolic effect physiologically in our body”.Any other fitness tips?”Drink more water, drink less liquid calories and eat more of one-ingredient food. You should sit less and move more… Also, just walking more everyday will help make a change.”However, make sure you take out that time for yourself everyday – whether it is 20 minutes or two hours – and think of it as an investment towards your overall health and wellness, as well as quality of life,” he shared.-Internet