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Peek into your personality via selfie

83Next time when you click a selfie with your friends, remember the way you take a selfie can actually reveal your personality, says a new study.
How you would describe your own personality is pretty much in sync with what kind of selfies you take.
The team at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore surveyed 123 popular selfie-takers from the website Sina Weibo, a popular Chinese micro-blogging platform, Bustle.com reported.
The participants took a personality test followed by a separate group of 107 students assessing them.
“A person’s selfie corresponded well with their own self-evaluation of their personality,” said researchers.
Researchers used 13 aspects of selfie-taking to develop a personality methodology.
So if you make a duckface, you score pretty highly on the emotional instability scale and are also possibly neurotic.
If you hide the location of your selfie, you are pretty concerned with privacy.
If you hold the camera low, you score highly on agreeableness, and are therefore probably awesome to be around.
And if you smile or laugh, you are quite open to new experiences, and also love to laugh.
If you look directly into the camera, you are super confident, revealed the results that appeared in the journal Computers in Human Behaviour.