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One in five kidney patients die each hour

50Although 60 percent kidney ailments are curable yet one in five kidney patients die in every hour in the country, leading health experts told a seminar here today.

The number of kidney patients has increased alarmingly as two crore people in the country are now somehow suffering from kidney disease, said the seminar titled “Kidney disease prevention and living and deceased kidney donation”, reports BSS.

Nephrology Department of Dhaka Medical college, Save Life Foundation and Gift Life Foundation jointly organized the seminar in the Shawkat Osman Memorial auditorium of Central Public Library.

Chief Advisor of Save Life Foundation and Gift Life Foundation National Prof MR Khan, Managing Trustee of Mohan Foundation Dr Sunil Shroff, member of board of trustee of Save Life Foundation and Gift Life Foundation and renowned kidney specialist Prof Dr Harun-or -Rashid, Head of Department of Pediatrics of Dhaka Medical College and Hospital(DMCH) Prof Dr Md Ekhalasur Rahman, Head of Department of Nephrology of DMCH Prof Nizam Uddin Chowdhury and Chairman of Save Life Foundation and President of Gift Live Foundation Save Life Foundation and Gift Life Foundation Dr Sohely Ahmed Sweety, among others, addressed the seminar with Prof Abu Yusuf Fakir in the chair.

Worldwide the majority of individuals with early stage of kidney disease remain undiagnosed, the health experts said adding whereas prevention and early detection can reduce morbidity and mortality from these diseases.

They said approximately 10 percent people in the world suffer from chronic kidney disease and of them, half the population aged 75 and above is affected by chronic kidney ailment. High blood pressure and diabetes cause kidney disease.

Kidney Specialist Dr Sohely Ahmed Sweety said, “In Bangladesh, nearly two crore out of 16 crore people are suffering from kidney disease and the figure indicates a sharp rise of the disease.”

She said kidney ailment is a silent killer disease as symptoms of the disease become visible when 50 percent kidneys are destroyed.

Prof Harun said , “We can prevent kidney disease easily, if we become aware of keeping our kidney healthy by taking some preventive measures including having adequate water daily, controlling high blood pressures, diabetics and overweight.”