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Maxwell condemns boundary-catch rule change

46Australia’s destructive batsman Glenn Maxwell feels the modification in the rule for boundary-catch does not goes with the spirit of the game.

Maxwell caught a beauty on the boundary in England vs Australia 2015 fourth ODI but he thinks that such catches should not be allowed by ICC.

The rule was changed in October, 2013. Before the modification in the rule fielder was always required to have started inside the ropes and needs to be grounded while taking the catch.

Maxwell’s victim was Liam Plunkett. Plunkett hit the ball hard towards mid-wicket, Maxwell stationed himself under the ball and had to dive to take the catch but his prediction that he will be inside the rope turned out to be wrong.

Hence the 26-year old pushed the ball inside the ropes to make himself stable and then came inside and completed the catch.

Maxwell said, “I don’t think it makes a whole lot of sense. I think you should have to get back into the boundary. I think if you look at the basketball rule. You have to jump from inside to throw it back in, you can’t jump up in the air and catch it on the way back in. You’ve got to make sure your feet have landed inside the court and I think it should be the same in cricket. But while we’re taking catches on our side it doesn’t really bother me, but I know if I was a batsman I’d be pretty upset if that was the dismissal. You’ve just go to play the rules you’re given.”