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Beautiful Skin is Essential

63Every woman wants to look more glamorous. So, they try their skin to look “flawless”. Simple activities like regular manicures and pedicures, and daily facial cleansing are essential for a good presentation. Apart from these, one of the most important aspects of skin care is hair removal. Hair removal makes the skin smooth and beautiful. It will make you more confident and will give you elegant look.

Steps to follow before makeup:

Step 1: Use toner before applying makeup.

Step 2: Press your facial cream on your skin. Don’t rub it.

Step 3: Spray water mist or rose water on your whole face. This will keep your skin soft. It will help moisturiser reach deep into the skin.

After spraying mist, let your skin dry naturally. You can get dressed during that time. It’s important to look after your hands and legs too, as they are also important to make you look beautiful.

After Makeup:

Chemical makeup remover can harm your skin. You can make your own natural makeup remover. Here are five easy tips to prepare makeup remover:

Honey and baking soda

Take a little honey on a clean washcloth, add some baking soda to it and you have got your own natural makeup remover! Do you have doubt it may not work? You are wrong.