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Takeway Innovation Expo 2015

55Takeway Innovation Expo is playing a significant role in promoting and marketing the takeway and restaurant business in the UK.  As a continuation of this, the Takeway Innovation Expo 2015 was held in Excel Exhibition centre in London on 29th and 30th September.
This year’s exhibition was completely different than the previous ones.  There were more than two hundred stalls.  Eighty five seminars took place during the event.  These seminars featured the sufferings faced by the restaurant and takeway owners and innovative ideas which could help to flourish the industry.
The facilitators in the seminar advised the restaurant and takeway owners to be more customer service oriented and embrace new technologies.
Bangladesh Caterers Association (BCA) took part in the expo for the third time consecutively.   Delegates who represented BCA included President Pasha Kandakar, former President Bajlur Rashid MBE, Secretary M A Mumin, Senior Vice President Oli Khan, Senior Vice President Mojahid Ali Chowdhury, Organising Secretary Fajal Uddin, Membership Secretary Saiful Alam, Assistant Treasurer Mithu Chowdhury and many other members.
BCA representatives focused on the problems and struggles faced by the curry industry today.  On his keynote speech, Senior Vice-President of BCA, Celebrity Chef Oli Khan said that all the restaurant and takeway owners should take part in this Takeway Innovation Expo, as this provides an in-depth knowledge in how to success in the curry industry and how new technologies can help them growing in faster pace.
He also emphasised that to sustain the curry industry which has been established by the hard work of our previous generations, we need these types of seminars which will promote our businesses, help,  introduce us to new technologies and create more employments and gradually open up our possibilities in nationally and internationally.