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Crisis ends, relief for Bangladesh hockey

36The long days of crisis in the country’s hockey arena finally came to an end after the federation’s Khaja Rahmatullah officially resigned from the general secretary’s post yesterday.
The eldest vice president of Bangladesh Hockey Federation, Abdus Sadek, became the new general secretary while Rahmatullah will now be serving as the new vice president.
The changes, that were decided during an emergency meeting of the BHF yesterday, will see the four boycotting clubs return to action in the upcoming transfer market. Mohammedan Sporting, Mariner Young’s, Wari Club and Bangladesh Sporting did not take part in any hockey activity under Rahmatullah in the last two years.
“We have taken an important decision [yesterday] to make hockey regular on the field. A vice president’s post was vacant and Rahmatullah duly filled the gap while the vacant general secretary’s post was taken by Sadek,” informed BHF president Air Marshal Abu Esrar yesterday, adding that the decision was taken in accordance with the constitution.
The BHF also declared that the inter clubs’ players’ transfer for the next season of the Premier Division Hockey League will take place from December 13-15.
“We have plans for various issues, including the transfer window. We requested the clubs to take part in transfer activity. But our main priority is the AHF Under-21 Championship, scheduled for next month,” said Sadek after becoming the new general secretary.
On the other hand, Rahmatullah said he took the decision “positively” and for the greater interest of hockey. The officials of the boycotted clubs also appreciated the changes they have been demanding since 2013 and are set to participate in the inter clubs’ players’ transfer activity in December.