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New British Bangla channel launched

43Bangla Mirror Desk:

TV One will broadcast programmes both in Bengali and in English language to cater for the continuously evolving Bangladeshi community in the UK & Europe.
The programmes will be a mixture of educational, entertainment, religious and specifically tailored children’s and adults interactive programmes. The channel
is committed to provide access to the very best in infotainment content, which will cater for viewers across all ages by producing innovative new programmes.

The live programmes will guarantee viewers up to the minute topicality. The presenters and their guests will debate and discuss subjects that reflect contemporary and relevant issues in politics, economics, education and current affairs. TV One will engage across the globe to create content which is relevant and exciting to the British and European viewership.

TV One programmes will follow an ethical code and portray a positive message of Islam in addition to upholding fundamental British values. As provision of service at our core, we aim to create a platform for unity and collective servitude within the greater community with a clear objective of creating a platform for community-cohesion and interfaith dialogue. TV One will take every care to ensure that content and contributors are carefully selected.

The name of the channel “TV One” derives itself from the channel’s vision of unity and cohesion amongst the wider community in Britain and Europe, the theme “Dedicated to Oneness” is derived from the underlying principles of the channel which are rooted in Islamic ethics, morals and teachings.

The directors of TV One are a dynamic team that has come together with an array of media experience and wider vocational experiences that will form the strengths of the channel. The directors of TV One do not subscribe to any political beliefs in the UK or internationally and such will be the case for TV One – to remain a politically neutral broadcaster.

TV One will lend its support to third sector organisations, regulated by the appropriate bodies, both nationally and internationally. TV One will remain open to advertisers from all sectors in the UK and Europe within the framework of its ethical policy.