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Gonojagoron Mancha UK observes its 3rd anniversary

14Inspired by the slogan “Fearless souls, continuing the fight for freedom”, Gonohjagoron Mancha UK organised a candlelight vigil to mark its 3rd anniversary at Altab Ali Park in East London on 6th January evening.  The candlelight vigil was dedicated in memory of those who lost their lives during the Gonojagoron (public awakening) movement in Banglaesh.
The participants lit the candles at the base of  Shahid Minar aticulating their deep respect to the martyrs of Gonojaoron movemetn in Bangladesh.  After the candlelight vigil, the participants observed the day by singing national anthem of Banglaesh “Amar Sonar Bangla, Ami Tomay Bhalobashi”.
The participants then observed one minute silence to show their respect to those who lost their lives in liberation war and Gonojagoron movements and laid the wreath at the base of the Shohid Minar  .   They were carrying placards depicting the photos of martyrs killed in Gonojagoron movement.
Gonojagoron Mancha UK spokesperson Ajanta Deb Roy conducted the candlelight vigil and observation.  Participant who took part in the candlelight vigil and the observation defying the cold weather and strong wind included British human rights activist Erin Fadawolf Nire, Gonojagoron Mancha activist Kamrul Hasan Tushar, Saiful Islam Mithu, Nahid Jaigirdar, Golam Kabir, Meher Nigar Chowdhury, Rajon Sharkar, Shakur Haque, Moyeen Arefin, Tanvir Ilias, Rashed Belal, Tajul Islam, Selim Mahmod and others.
The candlelight vigil and observation ended by singing national anthem of Bangladesh and Joy Bangla Slogan.