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Tarique Rahman’s name deletde from Interpol

20Bangla Mirror Desk :

BNP Vice-Chairman Tarique Rahman’s name has been deleted from Interpol list. Data which also been supplied to Interpol has been deleted too as they were proved to be untrue.
Commission for the Control of Interpol’s Files informed this to legal firm Londonium Solicitors in a written statement.
The letters mentioned that after investigating all the data supplied of Tarique Rahamd and considering his present position and condition, his name cannot be included in interpol’s list. On this basis, Interpol General Secretariat and their National Central Bureau informed that all data supplied by Bangladeshi Government has been deleted.
The aforementioned information was given in a press conference organised by Londonium Solicitors on 21st March.
Principal of Lonodonium Solicitors David Richter, Barrister A K M Kamruzzaman, President of UK BNP M A Malk, General Secretary Koysor M Ahmed and Barrister M A Arefin.
It was told in the press conference that Interpol issued a red notice on Tarique Rahman in April of 2015, which was based on a confusing report supplied by Bangladesh Police on 21st of August of 2014 saying Tarique Zia was a fugitive. Londonium Solicitors decided to appeal against this notice. Interpol accepted the appeal and decided to delete all the date on Tarique Rahman.
David Richter said that the latest decision taken by Interpol proves that the data supplied against Tarique Rahman was politically motivated.
Barrister Kamruzzaman said that following the decision of Interpol, Bangaldesh Government should withdraw the 21st August case against Tarique Zia
He also said that Tarique Zia is a political leader and he is not a fugitive. Bangladesh government included Tareque Rahman’s name just to harass him politically.
President of UK BNP M A Malik said that Sheikh wanted to blacken the image of BNP Vice-President Tarique Rahman, but she herself lost her image by doing this.
UK BNP General Secretary Koysor M Ahmed told that Bangladesh Police again put themselves under question by supplying misleading data against Tarique Rahman.