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BBCCI election to be held on 20th April

45The bi-yearly General meeting and election of British-Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and

Industries will be held on 2oth of April.  Candidates have already started submitting their

candidacy and 13th April would be the last day for withdrawal of candidacy.  On 13th of April

BBCCI will also finalise the nominations of the candidates.

The board meeting will be held at BBCCI board-room at 12 pm on the election day and the

voting will start at 2 o’clock. The President of BBCCI  M. R. Chowdhury (Matab)  has informed

that they have finalised all the preparations for this bi-yearly general meeting and election.

There are 35 Directors posts in BBCCI altogether and 22 posts in Executive committee. All

the executive posts will be contested on 20th April.

So far Enam Ali MBE and M. Rafique Hayder have been submitted their nomination for

President post.  Sayedur Rahman Ranu has submitted his nomination for the Director

General post. Monir Ahmed and Shafiqul Islam have submitted their candidacy for Finance

Director where as Mohib Uddin Choudhury , M. A. Quyyum  and M Noor Miah  have

submitted their nomination for Vice-President posts.

On the other hand, Rafique Hayder has submitted his nomination for President of London

Region and Abul Nuruzzaman has submitted his nomination for International Relations.

Barrister Anis Rahman OBE, former Deputy Mayor of Tower Hamlets Ohid Ahmed and

Barrister Nazir Ahmed will be acting as Election Commissioners.

President M. R. Chowdhury (Matab)   emphasised that the term for the Executive Committee

is for two years.  Officers who will be elected this year will be on duty for for 2016 – 2018.

He also mentioned that this year BBCCI would see many new faces.  To give space these

new faces he himself is not taking part in this year’s election.  As a departing President he

wants a free, fair and impartial election for BBCCI.  He hopes that newly elected leaders will

take this organisation forward.

13 posts would be vacant out of 35 Director posts of BBCCI. Work is in progress to fill in

these vacant posts. BBCCI has organised the Gala Dinner on 24th of May where the duties

and responsibilities would be handed over to the new committee.

President M. R. Chowdhury (Matab) has urged all the BBCCI members and Directors to be

present at the Gala Dinner.  Invitations will be sent out soon to the members and directors.

He has also requested Members and Directors to keep the 24th evening free so that they can

take part in the Gala Dinner.

BBCCI has requested everyone to contact President M. R. Chowdhury (Matab) on 07956 398

464 should they need any further information on this coming general meeting and election.