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Live fundraising appeal for East London Mosque on Channel S

Bangla Mirror Desk :

East London Mosque will be taking part in a Live Fundraising Appeal on Channel S on 18th June.  The appeal will start at 3 o’clock in the afternoon and will continue until the Fazar prayer of the following day.  On a press conference and Iftar party, which took place on 14th June at Seminar Hall in London Muslim Centre, East London Mosque Committee urged everyone to take part in the fundraising appeal and help the mosque to pay its four million pounds debt.
The Secretary of East London Mosque and Muslim Centre, Ayub Khan said that after finishing the construction of Maryam Centre, the Mosque Committee had the chance to acquire the adjacent synagogue.  East London Mosque Committee was interested to buy this for its stratigical importance and paid 1.5 million pounds.  1.5 million pounds were collected by live fundraising appeal.  Out of this, half million pounds were donation and rest is Karje Hasana of intrest free loan, which the mosque committee is obliged to return in terms.  The mosque also has a debt of three million pounds for Maryam Centre construction, which needs to be paid back too. The debt of East London Mosque committee is now four million pounds in total.
He also mentioned thge committee is planning to let the ground floor of Synagogue building for community use and top floor for a long-term income for the mosque. As the Mosque has got a debt of four million pound, it is not taking any initiative now to refurbish the Synagogue building.  However, the synagogue building is now rented out to National Jakath Foundation.  The money received from the rental income would help to pay the debt too.
He emphasised that around ten thousand people visits East London Mosque every day.  Around six hundred people have break their fast and eat Iftar at the mosque each day. Famous Hafeezs are conducting Tarabih prayers.  Among them are Qari Hafeez Abdul Aziz Al Qashim and Hafeez Ahmed Razab.  There is also Hafeez Foysal Abdur Rahman Amin for USA as well as regular  Hafeezs and Imams of East London Mosque.  There is regular Quaran teaching course after Johor prayer.  Shaeikh Abdul Aziz is reciting from Quran every day aftar Asar prayer.  There is also discussion on Ramadan where famous scholars take part.
He also mentioned that around hundred people will be selected for Ihtekafh by lottery.  There will be five Eid Jamat this year.  The first Jamat will take place at seven in the morning and would continue every hour. The last Jamat will be held at half pass 11 in the morning.
He also said that East London Mosque is continuing its fund raising by different sources. 42 thousand pounds were collected through Muslim Charity Run this year. Another 41 thousand pounds were collecte through Iqra Urdu TV.  The fundraising campaign would continue in other days including Lailatul Qadar.
Among other who were present at the event included Dr M Bari,  Chairman Of East London Mosque and Muslim Cente Muhammad Habibur Rahman, Executive Director Dilowar Hussain Khan and others.