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A great news to make British Bangladeshi proud

An incredible achievement of  14 year old  Amal Rana from Essex who is going to participate in UK’s hugely popular Talent Show Junior Bake Off 2019.
Amal will be the First British Bangladeshi who has this opportunity to participate in this show out of four thousand Bakers in UK.

There are few articles has been published already and an advert started on Channel 4.

One of the article has mentioned “One of the hopefuls include a 13 year old girl from Essex who loves making tall layer cakes wants to be the Prime Minister one day.”

Prue Leith has said she was pleased to see a good mix of youngsters on Junior Bake Off because she had been nervous about it being a “whole lot of really upper middle class children”.

The Great British Bake Off star, 79, is a judge on the show’s junior version, which sees nine to 15-year-olds competing in a range of cooking challenges.

She said: “The one thing that made me nervous about it was what I didn’t want to see, and now this is going to sound really classist, but I didn’t want to see a whole lot of really upper middle class children who had been privately educated and who go to Spain every year for their holidays and are amazingly sophisticated.

“Because occasionally I meet children like that, and they’ll say things like, ‘I really don’t like the pesto at Carluccios because it doesn’t have fresh…’ and they’ve all got yummy mummies and you want to say to them, ‘What’s the matter with hot dog and chips?’

“So, I was a bit nervous that most of the bakers would be really classy, and they were all just… all of them were just lovely.”

“They were a mixture,” added Leith, who will be judging the young chefs alongside former Great British Bake Off contestant Liam Charles, while Harry Hill is the host.

The show will start from 4 November for three weeks Monday to Friday at 5pm on Channel 4.