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Islamic Relief UK shows the love for the earth


Islamic Relief UK, as a member of the Climate Coalition, joined the ‘Show the Love’ campaign to highlight the importance of our environment using a green heart to symbolise all that we love but could lose to climate change.

As part of the campaign, Islamic Relief UK volunteers had a stall outside the charity’s London office on Lower Marsh, where they asked passers-by to share their thoughts about what they love about the planet, and gave out free gifts including environmentally-friendly soap.

Inspired by Prophet Muhammad’s hadith (saying): “The Earth is green and beautiful, and God has appointed you his stewards over it.”, the charity is calling on the UK Muslim community to help raise awareness of climate change by talking about Allah’s creation and sharing everything they love about the planet.

Supporters are also encouraged to reach out to their MPs to urge the government to take further action and raise awareness on social media platforms under the hashtags #LoveAllahsCreation and #ShowTheLove.

There are over 130 members of the Climate Coalition including Islamic Relief UK and many of these organisations are taking part in ‘Show the Love’ across the UK until 24 February.

Hundreds of thousands of people – from musicians to football clubs, community groups to businesses, astronauts to schoolchildren, teachers and faith leaders – are expected to take part in the campaign to highlight the issue of climate change and get people to engage in a meaningful discussion on protecting the planet.

Maria Zafar, Islamic Relief UK Campaigns Coordinator said:

“From Africa to Asia, we’re supporting communities to become better prepared to live with extreme weather and a changing climate. We often take for granted what we love the most.

“As a Muslim, climate action is a central tenant of my faith. The Holy Quran states that we are stewards of the earth which means that it is our religious obligation to protect and preserve the earth and working at Islamic Relief we are advocating for just that.

“We are asking our supporters to show their love for Allah’s creation by making gradual changes to their lifestyle, such as cutting down on meat, car use or flying, to be more eco-friendly. Together with the Climate Coalition we are also demanding that the government puts more funding and resource to combat climate change. This will help bring about positive change and, could potentially, save hundreds of thousands of lives. If we don’t act now, the damage will be irreversible.”

Climate change is devastating communities across the world, causing natural disasters such as floods, droughts and tropical storms which are becoming more frequent and severe. The people paying the heaviest price are the world’s poorest communities, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.