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Dollar jumps to record Tk 119 in kerb market

The US dollar soared to Tk 119 in kerb market on Wednesday, which was the highest in the country’s history.

On Wednesday (August 10) morning, the US dollar jumped to Tk 118-119 in the kerb market. Most money exchanges are more interested in buying than selling because of the shortage of cash dollars.

On Monday (August 8), the price of US dollar in the open market was Tk 115.

Open market dollar sellers say there is a shortage of dollars in most money exchanges. More people are buying dollars than selling.

The open market sellers said there is also a shortage of buyers in the market, adding that those who used to buy and sell dollars on the streets, fearing the raids of various law and order forces including the central bank, are not directly buying and selling.

On May 17, the US dollar crossed the Tk 100 mark for the first time in the country’s open market. Then it decreased. Later on July 17, it crossed Tk 100 mark again.

At the end of last month, the price of the US dollar rose to Tk 112.

In the interbank currency market, the US dollar was being traded at Tk 95 on Monday. The Bangladesh Bank sold dollars to the banks at this rate to meet the government import bill.

On Sunday, the interbank rate was Tk 94.70. At the beginning of May, the rate was Tk 86.45.