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Educationist Shaukat Ali has lit the light in countless lives: Speakers at friendly chat in London

By Matiar Chowdhury:


London: Being associated with teaching for fifty years, teacher Shaukat Ali Aganon has lit the light in life, shown the right path to the misguided. In a word, the role he has played as a man-builder for more than half a century unparalleled Imitation.Discipline, disciplined life and the education he gave to be involved in honesty, is playing a role in the rich future. Speakers expressed such opinion in Kabikantha’s friendly chat about Shaukat Ali. A gathering of Sudhijans was held at the Kabi Nazrul Center in London on January 28 in the evening. Bengali community poets, writers, educationists, journalists and cultural Activist were present. Shaukat Ali is soaked in their love. He has been filled with respect and love from all.

Under the direction of Kabikantha leader poet Hamid Mohammad and moderated by Channel S news presenter, Bachik artiste Munira Parveen, brave freedom fighter Abu Musa Hasan, journalist Matiar Chowdhury, writer Maynur Rahman Babul and TV presenter Urmi Mazhar spoke at the event. At the beginning of the program, educationist Shaukat Ali was welcomed with flower bouquets by Khudemani Afra Khandkar and Ilham Khandkar and others. Journalist and women’s leader Nilufa Yasmin Hasan read the certificate and her biography was read by poet Syed Hilal Saif. Cultural activist and theater personality Arifur Khandkar was in overall supervision of the program. The commemorative book ‘Shikshabrati Shaukat Ali’ edited by Apurva Sharma and Munira Parveen was handed over to all present at the event.

Freedom fighter Abu Musa Hasan said in his speech – It is rare to find a teacher like Md Shaukat Ali, he has set a rare example by teaching continuously for 52 years. Salutations to this great person! Poet Maynur Rahman requested to listen to Persian poetry from Shaukat Ali, who is proficient in different languages. His uncle always used to talk about two people. And inspired to be like them. Those two people are Professor Muhammad Ali and Md. Shaukat Ali Md. Shaukat Ali’s student journalist Matiar Chowdhury was overwhelmed with emotion and said, I touched my dear teacher’s feet and saluted him. Prominent TV and cultural personality Urmi Mazhar says she feels lucky to be in the vicinity of such a talented person.

Shawkat Ali’s wife Shahana Sultana Shelly gave an interesting speech on the occasion. He said, raggosa is a normal occurrence in family life. It happened to us too. However, if I got angry, he would recite songs or poems without getting angry. He used to sing this immortal song ‘Nesha Lagil Re Baka Dunayne Nesha Lagil’. Sometimes ‘Ogo Preye Tomar Birhe Nahi Dahe/ Whose heart is so blind, tell me/ Who can’t see you’. Poet Mujibul Haque Moni recited a poem on the occasion. The lyricist Yasmin Mahmood Palin recited the poem ‘Amr Dhyna’ by Sabyasachi poet Syed Shamsul Haque.

Since the beginning of the program, the teacher said. Everyone was eagerly waiting to hear Shaukat Ali’s speech. Md. The memory of Shaukat Ali’s elder brother Professor Muhammad Ali also comes up in many discussions. Two brothers Mohammad Ali and Shaukat Ali were accomplished students and academics. It is still a legend in Bangladesh that Muhammad Ali could write with both hands at the same time. Besides, he was a gold medalist who achieved first class in Althro.

And Shaukat Ali can memorize thousands of Persian poems and prose along with poetry. Soon after Sudheen’s speech, Md. Shaukat Ali rose to speak. Although everyone asked him to sit down, he felt comfortable standing up. Because, he used to stand up and speak in class throughout his teaching career. He used to walk around the classroom and teach in such a way that all the students could listen to him attentively. That practice remains. He said, I am strong enough, I will stand up and say it.

He started reciting and memorizing only after making the incidental speech. First Persian poetry, then one by one Urdu, Bengali and English poetry and Sanskrit verses were memorized. Poet Guru Rabindranath Tagore, poet Allama Iqbal, Madhusudan Dutt’s poetry, Mir Mosharraf Hossain’s Bishadsindhu, poet Barkat Ulla recited. A packed audience listens to his readings and recitations in one go. He said about his only sister, teacher Maryam Khatun, who won the then All Assam gold medal for beautiful handwriting. He said, we got the encouragement of beautiful handwriting from him.

On the occasion, Kabikantha presented a crest and an award. Kavi Nilufa Yasmin Hasan, Kavi Hamid Mohammad, Abu Musa Hasan and Matiar Chowdhury handed over the crest and wore the suit. Bangla Mirror and British Bangladeshi Who’s Who editor Abdul Karim Goni,  Banglapost editor Barrister Tarek Chowdhury, and many others including her talented students gave gifts among those present.

Former speaker of Tower Hamlets Council Ahbab Hossain, politician Anjumanara Anju, educationist Abdul Basit Chowdhury, writer Anwar Shahjahan, poet Md. Mosaid, cultural activist ANM Neswar, writer and publisher Mohammad Nawab Ali, treasurer of British Bangladeshi Teachers Association Professor Misbah Kamal Ahmad, news presenter Mir Abdur Rahman, community leader Abdul Bashir, youth leader Jamal Ahmad Khan, journalist Shah Belal Rahman, cultural activist Nurul Islam, Playwright Helen Islam, Journalist Lutfunnehar Baby, Community Activist Uma Usha, Playwright Shamsuddin Ahmed, Professor Misbah, Khairuzzaman Sunny, Recitative Shatrupa Chowdhury, Titon Shikder, Shah Sadek Mithu, Leena Sadiq and Shaheda.

Relatives include Zubair Ahmad Suhail, Sajna Begum, Sabina Sultana Jolly, Russell Ali, Shamima Nasreen Poppy, Tofa Zaman and many others. Faisal Mahmud, Masud Ahmad, Keaton Ahmad were present among the journalists of print and electronic media. Educationist Shaukat Ali’s son Tarek Iqbal Deep, daughter-in-law Nasreen Sultana were also present on the occasion. Media partners were Challen S, ATN Bangla and NTV.

Finally, the conversation is concluded with entertainment. Sudheejan thanked Kabikantha and the people involved for organizing a rare event to be remembered for a long time. It should be noted that Munira Parveen Adda Madhyamoni Md. Shaukat Ali’s eldest daughter. In between hosting the show, Munira Parveen tells many inspirational stories she learned from her family. And recited the first poem of his life at one point. Munira Parveen has been awarded nationally in Bangladesh for beautiful handwriting as per family tradition. Besides, he mentioned that family tradition is the main driving force behind his becoming a Bachik artist

(Matiar Chowdhury Londpn 30th January 2023.)