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Khichuri-Akhni is preferred for Iftar in Sylhet

Khichuri-Akhni of Sylhet is unique in taste and aroma. On the first day of fasting, Khichuri-Akhni has become a part of Iftar celebrations in Sylhet.

A combination of rice with pulses, vegetables and various spices. It has an intoxicating aroma. Sylhet’s thin khichuri is full of satisfaction with the taste and smell. This is a popular dish of the fasting people in Sylhet. At the end of the day, khichuri is made and sold in restaurants as healthy for iftar.

This dish is popular in every restaurant in Sylhet and even at home. Along with Iftar, there will be Akhni-Polao (Tehari). Tehari of Dhaka is hailed as Akhni in Sylhet. This time also at that Akhnir Qadr Iftar. Kabir Ahmed, the owner of Palki Restaurant in Zindabazar, said this.

He said, if two items in Khichuri-Akhni (Tehari) are not present, the Iftar remains incomplete. At the end of the day, fasting eaters suffer from the problem of ACD.

That’s why eat khichuri as a liquid food. And Akhni is the choice of people of all classes and professions. Due to which there is no such restaurant, this Akhni is not kept in Iftar arrangement. In addition, they are selling 1500 taka pieces of food in the big father’s pot in an exceptional arrangement.

On Friday (March 24), various restaurants in Sylhet city were visited, as it was the first day of fasting, there was less traffic on the roads. There is no crowd in the shops. Markets and trading posts are also locked. And so iftar shops are not crowded with customers.

However, more customers who come to buy iftar come to buy khichuri, akhni and jilapi, said Zainar Abedin Bulu, manager of Fizar, a company that manufactures and sells sweets and food products in Sylhet. Meanwhile, housewives don’t forget to cook the popular khichuri for Iftar parties during fasting. Khichuri-akhni is also served at the Madrasa Orphanage during Iftar. Since this soft food is tolerable for the body, it has become a favorite of everyone from children of Sylhet to Buddha.

It has been found that the price of one kg bowl of khichuri is Tk 220. Akhni-Polao is Tk 220 per kg. All classes of people can buy khichuri from the market as iftar items as the price is affordable. Pansi, Panchbhai, Bhojan Bari, Palki, Sampan restaurants can be seen in Sarezmin Nagar, Khichuri and Akhni-Pola are also being sold in all the restaurants.

However, customers are flocking to shops that are attractive in terms of taste. Abu Bakar Situ, the owner of Pansi Restaurant in Zindabazar, said that Khichuri is healthy for fasting people. Khichuri is more preferred by the people of this region during Iftar than fasting all day. Apart from pulses and rice, different types of vegetables and spices are used to make khichuri delicious. That’s why its taste is different.

Besides, Akhani is made in three types. Among them chicken, chicken and beef. Akhni is sold at Tk 220 per kg, he said. Abdul Qayyum of Panchbhai Restaurant said that considering the health of the fasting people, khichuri is always included as an ingredient in Iftar along with other items. As the price is low, sales are also good. Buyers flocked to buy Halim with juice.

Mir Maidan Shaheen Ahmad, who came to buy khichuri from Palki, said that the restaurant’s khichuri is served with various ingredients. Moreover, khichuri is not sold stale. That’s why I buy khichuri from restaurants every day and take it home. According to doctors, eating solid food on an empty stomach after fasting all day often becomes unbearable for the body. It increases acidity. Due to this, khichuri is easily digested. Because it is a liquid food, it is not harmful to the body.